Short-Term Rental Considerations

General Considerations

  • All guests must register their true names and addresses into a registry that must be available to inspectors for current and prior year. Digital registry is acceptable.
  • One smoke detector per home is required. One smoke detector on each level and in each sleeping room is recommended.
  • One carbon monoxide detector per home is required if there is an attached garage or fuel-burning device. One carbon monoxide detector on each level is recommended.
  • Railings on decks, patios, and balconies more than 24” off the ground must be at least 36” tall. Gaps cannot be larger than 4”.
  • Staircases with more than 3 risers must have securely fastened handrails.
  • Recommend providing 1 fire extinguisher per house, cabin, or cottage.
  • Check with your homeowner's insurance to make certain you are completely covered for short-term rental situations. This coverage is not offered by all insurance companies, so making sure you are covered before a loss occurs. 

Water & Sewage

  • Approved public water supply or private wells may be used but must follow NR 812 and comply with yearly DNR testing requirements.
  • Approved public sewage or private sewage must be in accordance with SPS 382 and SPS 383
  • Hot and cold water under pressure shall be available


  • Kept in leak-proof, non-absorbant containers equipped with tight fitting covers. 
  • Container must be cleaned inside and outside regularly. 


  • Appliances and surfaces must be maintained in sanitary condition.
  • Utensils must be constructed of material that is easily cleanable and durable or single use disposable.
  • All food and beverage must be disposed of after each guest stay.
  • Ice machines and/or ice trays must be emptied and cleaned after each guest stay.
  • Two options are available for cleaning and sanitizing dishes:
  • Rinse wash and sanitize entire supply of kitchenware after each guest stay
  • Post utensil language sign to notify guest that the utensils have not been sanitized.

More Short-Term Rental Info