Complete Guide to Short-Term Rentals

Renting your home or property can be a great way to earn additional income. But, it's critical for your and your guest's safety and security that it's done properly. Before listing your short-term rental on one of the many popular sites, make sure to read the articles below and take in all the considerations before inviting guests to your property. This guide takes you step by step through the process of getting your property ready to rent. 

The Steps

There are 6 key steps to ensure that you're safely listing and renting your home as a short-term rental. Use the article "6 steps to listing a short-term rental" below for more details. Then be sure to check out the general considerations and FAQs to make sure short-term rentals are for you. The 6 steps are:

  1. Review the Guidelines
  2. Apply for a License & Arrange an Inspection
  3. Get your State Sellers Permit
  4. Confirm Local Requirements
  5. Contact your Homeowner's Insurance
  6. List Your Property

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