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Discover something new to explore

Maximize your time in Green Bay by finding the perfect tour to see all the sites and attractions in a unique and different way with various experts from around the area. There's no better way to quickly explore the city and surrounding areas and take in the history and culture. No matter your interests.

Of course, there are typical bus tours to take you around to various sites. It's a great way to explore! But if you're looking for something more unique you have plenty of options. 

Hope on a trolly and explore Packers history with a Packers Heritage tour, learn a new skill and explore downtown on Segway with Green Bay Segway tours – we promise you'll pick it up in no time. 

There are even group pedal bikes and paddle boat tours with the Foxy Paddler and Foxy Peddler. 

Is paranormal more your style? Well, link up with Green Bay Ghost Tours. Or explore the local beer scene with our many brewery tours. 

Explore all the options below!