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Your trip is booked and you're on your way to Green Bay. How exciting! There's so much to do, explore, and experience. Sure, you can try Google, or even puruse through this site, but we all know the best source for information about the area is from a local. That's what you'll experience at the Discover Green Bay Visitor Center. 

When you walk through the doors you'll be wowed by the stories that seem to pop off the walls. You'll be drawn to play skeeball or learn about what makes Green Bay, Green Bay.  You'll get a deep understanding of how things like indigenous people, the logging and paper industry, shipping and logistics, and food created and changed our way of life. 

Most importantly, when you arrive at the Discover Green Bay Visitor Center you'll be greeted by a friendly face who will understand your needs and help you develop a plan for your trip that will have you feeling like you've experienced all Green Bay has to offer. 


Where to Find Us

We're not hidden! Use the map below to get directions to the Discover Green Bay Visitor Center! 

1945 Argonne St.
Green Bay, WI 54304

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Take a Look Around!

Get a sneak peek of the Visitor Center in the photos below before you visit!

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Visitor Center Interior 1

The Experience Greater Green Bay Foundation

The 501c3, Experience Greater Green Bay (EGGB), owns the Visitor Center building and leases it to Discover Green Bay for operations. Thier primary focus is to support educational efforts that further tourism and the tourism industries around Greater Green Bay.