Discover Green Bay's most Instagrammable Spots. A rejuvenated look on a historic cityscape. 

In coordination with the Green Bay Public Arts Commission and Be on Broadway, our downtown area has been rejuvenated with one-of-a-kind art displays that highlight the local artists in our city showcasing their work on buildings and sculptures.

If you enjoy snapping a photo near colorful art pieces and murals you've come to the right place. A variety of art can be found scattered throughout our city in public places for all to view and enjoy! Be prepared for color found in alleyways, beneath bridges, or on the side of local businesses. 

Greater Green Bay Mural Guide

If you enjoy snapping a photo of that colorful wall you stumbled upon while exploring a new destination, you are in the right place! Track down thought-provoking murals in Greater Green Bay by embarking on a mural tour of the region and discover…

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