Green Bay is a sports town - and yes, for you too!

When it comes to recreational sports, Green Bay has something to offer in every season. In the spring and summer, getting outdoors to enjoy the weather and be active has never been easier with our accessible recreational sports. If you’re visiting the area, kayaks and boats are available for rent, fishing guides are for hire, and you can putt around at any golf course by renting clubs. 

During fall, many visitors enjoy our parks and trails to take in the beautiful fall colors and scenery. Hiking, biking, and camping are all very popular recreational sports during this cool and crisp time of year. 

Green Bay has both indoor and outdoor recreational sporting activities to enjoy in Winter. If you’re looking to get outdoors, consider snowshoeing on the trails, ice fishing on the lake, skating, or sledding at Titletown. Bowling, pickleball, and pick-up games help to keep out the cold and stay active indoors. 

Find some options for recreational sports year-round below!