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Green Bay is a sports town - and yes, for you too!

Green Bay is known for football. And we have plenty of it! But we also have many ways for you to get active and charge up that competitive spirit. Our variety of recreational sports makes Green Bay a destination for fun and activity.

Take your family or group out on a fishing excursion, or spend an afternoon at our tennis courts. Pickleball is sweeping the nation, and Green Bay is on board. Many of our facilities offer open play Pickleball for a small fee. 

Thinking of hitting the lanes? There are plenty of bowling alleys to choose from. From old-school lanes that will take you back in time to new and tech-savvy lanes with all the latest toys. 

Or hit one of our many gyms and courts for a game of pick-up. If the ice is more your style you'll find plenty of open skates all year round. There's even a curling center if you want to begin your Olympic journey!