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Mary Bergin

Spring Birdwatching in Green Bay

As the weather warms, Wisconsin’s migrating birds make their way back home. Catch a glimpse of Green Bay’s magnificent waterfowl, songbirds, waders and more at these birdwatching hot spots. A bird-watcher’s dream: That’s the Green Bay area, especially during spring and autumn migrations. In fact…

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Union Hotel Supper Club in Green Bay | Discover Green Bay

Union Hotel Supper Club Supper clubs are a rich part of Wisconsin’s culinary identity, and we love their backstories almost as much as the hearty helpings, sizzling steaks and potent cocktails. Especially valued but exceedingly rare is supper club ownership by multiple generations of the same…

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Packers Preseason Primer

Preseason Primer: A Packers’ Fan Guide Why wait for the ultimate Green Bay Packers fan experience? Attend preseason football games and training camps to get a jump on the season. Fact: At least 100,000 fans are on standby for season tickets to Green Bay Packers games. The waiting list, in place…

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