If you are a foodie, or even better, if you are a cheese lover, then you’ll love Green Bay! Known as “America’s Dairyland,” Wisconsin produces more than 3.37 billion pounds of cheese each year. Greater Green Bay has its own rich history of cheese-making, satisfying local tastes and cheese lovers from across the country.

Curious About Cheese Curds?

A mystery to some, irresistible to those that have tried them. Cheese curds are the finished product of cheddar before it is made into blocks. The curds are mild in flavor and squeaky to the teeth when fresh. A must-try! Deep-fried cheese curds can be found on restaurant menus across the region and make for a great appetizer or side to your favorite burger or sandwich. We challenge you to try a few varieties while dining out to discover the best deep-fried cheese curds in Greater Green Bay.

Discover the Local Cheesemakers

From squeaky fresh cheese curds made daily to cheese spreads, dips and wedges–Here are three cheese factories in the region you’ll want to find out more about. And make sure you don’t leave Green Bay before purchasing some squeaky fresh cheese curds for the car ride home.

BelGioioso Cheese

Award-winning cheese manufacturer, BelGioioso Cheese, is located in Green Bay, and has national distribution of its Italian artisan cheeses that are hand-crafted using only the freshest Wisconsin cow’s milk.

They source the dairy within thirty miles of their cheese plant to ensure freshness from antibiotic and hormone-free cows fed only a natural diet of corn and alfalfa. Belgioioso Cheese takes no short-cuts in order to speed up production. Proper timing and care are given to each batch of cheese to guarantee a quality, great-tasting product.

BelGioioso Cheese has grown to nine manufacturing facilities. Its headquarters are still proudly housed in the southeast Green Bay location. While their plant isn’t open for tours, you can find a wide variety of BelGioioso cheeses at grocers across the country!

Renard’s Cheese

The adventurous will appreciate how third-generation Renard’s Cheese is spicing things up –literally. The Algoma cheese factory has loads of creativity when it comes to producing specialty cheeses. You’ll enjoy browsing their impressive variety of more than 50 flavor-infused cheeses including Cherry Cheddar, Cranberry Jalapeno Monterey Jack and Wisconsin Beer Cheddar.

Free wine and cheese tastings are offered seven days a week, and you can register in advance to see the factory’s old-fashioned cheesemaking methods for a small charge.

Before you leave, be sure to take a selfie with the statue of Melvin the mouse in the parking lot, Renard’s mascot. Bringing the kids? They also have a fun playground right outside, making this gem a great family destination.

Scray Cheese

Scray Cheese in De Pere has mastered the art and science of cheesemaking over the past 85 years. This family-owned company specializes in varieties of Cheddar, Edam, Fontina and Gouda.

Scray Cheese shop is connected to the factory. Inside the shop is a large viewing window to see the art of Wisconsin cheesemaking for yourself if you arrive early in the day. Be sure to try their irresistibly fresh cheddar “squeaky” cheese curds.

They are located just south of De Pere off the Fox River Trail which makes this cheese shop a fun stop while you are out for a walk or a bike ride. This quaint little country cheese shop is also the only cheese shop in Wisconsin to sell cheese at a drive-thru!

A visit to Green Bay, let alone the state of Wisconsin is not complete without trying the award-winning cheese. If you were not a cheese fan before getting here, you might just leave as one –but we’ll let you be the judge of that.