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Brad Toll

Brad Toll President/CEO

Julie Gerczak

Julie Gerczak Vice President of Tourism

Beth Ulatowski

Beth Ulatowski Vice President of Sales & Services

Denise Humphrey

Denise Humphrey Senior Sales Manager

Joel Everts

Joel Everts Sports Manager

Cameron Teske

Cameron Teske Vice President of Visitor Experiences

Patti Drabes

Patti Drabes Sales & Services Manager

Sally Graham

Sally Graham Tourism Manager

Laurie Long

Laurie Long Executive Assistant

Ashley French

Ashley French Vice President of Finance & Administration

Nick Meisner

Nick Meisner Vice President of Digital Marketing & Communications

Katie Apfel

Katie Apfel Digital Marketing Specialist

Dan Van Straten

Dan Van Straten Partnership Sales Manager

From our early days of staffing an information center on wheels outside Lambeau Field, we have made the visitor experience in Greater Green Bay our top priority. In doing so, we have welcomed, advised and guided people of all ages as they come to the region.