Discover Green Bay Brand Unveil


It represents the vision of Green Bay and Brown County's destination marketing organization and our unwavering commitment to not only promote this region, but truly create experiences that impact tourism and contribute to economic development. We invite you to Discover Green Bay!

Greater Green Bay Convention & Visitors Bureau - Founded in 1969. The region’s destination marketing organization for millions of visitors each year.

Discover Green Bay - Renamed in summer 2021. A refocused commitment with a call to action to take millions of visitors and residents beyond their understanding of the region to discover more than they knew existed.

Pack in the memories.
From game day to sailing. Cheese curds to burrata. Biking the trails to walking the shops. Riding waves to smelling flowers. So much to do in such...well, that’s up to you.

Here, we visit.
To visit in Green Bay means to pull up a chair, pour a drink and tell a story, or two or three. There’s no subway to catch or traffic to beat. But there’s plenty of places to talk, to see, to get to know someone you didn’t know you’d meet.

It’s in our name.
The waves of the bay. The current of the Fox. The dramatic shoreline of Lake Michigan. Early French explorers called it La Baie Verte. But whether you find our waterways a restful green or welcoming blue, the choices are glorious—and waiting.

Mild and sunny.
Some call it our temperament. Others know it’s our weather. Don’t let the phrase “Frozen Tundra” fool you. Seven months of the year, we range from 55-80 degrees. For three months, our fall colors astound. And our winters, well, they just plain delight. The four-season experience is all a part of our year-round charm.

This has always been a place to discover.
The Sioux and Winnebago called this home, as do the Oneida today. Settlers turned logging into an international paper industry. Lombardi found our players title worthy. And now, Microsoft picked here to fuel future invention. What do you think you’ll find?

Beyond Legendary
We are community proud. At Discover Green Bay, you’ll find our energy contagious! We revel in spreading joy and building memories—working together to deliver unforgettable experiences that keep visitors coming back. We are driven to pursue opportunities that will inspire change and growth in our community and industry—to make every Green Bay discovery beyond legendary.

Our Vision
Discover Green Bay is the recognized destination leader curating and marketing the community brand and destination experiences to ensure a thriving tourism economy.

Our Mission
Inspiring people to experience Greater Green Bay for the economic benefit of our community.

Use the Green Bay calendar of events to plan something today or months from now!