Hinterland Brewery & Restaurant
	Hinterland Brewery & Restaurant

1001 Lombardi Ave.
Green Bay, WI  54304 Phone: 920-438-8050

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Hinterland Brewery & Restaurant

Hinterland is a small artisanal brewery devoted to brewing world-class beer and serving world-class food. Hinterland means a place untraveled and unknown. Their ultimate goal is to take people to discover those places through beer and food—to a place they haven’t yet been but once they do, they’ll feel like they’ve found home.

This is exactly what they’ve done. Upon walking into Hinterland, you’ll feel the coziness and friendliness of an upscale, fine-dining restaurant in Northeastern Wisconsin. The farm-to-table approach with multicultural influences takes the chefs and customers on a journey through bold flavors and uncommon pairings. Partnering with fisherman in Honolulu, Seattle and Portland, Maine ensure fresh fish as often as two times a day. Hinterland chefs also celebrate small, local growers and ranchers to provide extraordinary game and hand foraged mushrooms and heirloom produce. The variety results in a menu that evolves with the season and changes every day.

In 1995, the brewery was created in a renovated, turn of the 20th century meat-packing warehouse. Beer is brewed for maximum flavor, color and aroma. Each batch is carefully crafted for quality and consistency so that each bottle and keg delivers a promise for an exceptional craft beer experience through hinterland. There are currently 11 different brews, some traditional and others somewhat extreme. They are constantly experimenting with new flavors to continue this adventurous journey.

Monday – Saturday 11:00am – 10:00pm
Saturday 10:00am – 9:00pm


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