Green Bay has no shortage of fun things for kids of all ages to do in the summer months. But in this post, we want to highlight two of the “hottest” places for kids right now: The Bell Children's Garden at the Green Bay Botanical Garden and the new GBASO skate park.


The Bell Children's Garden at the Green Bay Botanical Garden


Green Bay recently celebrated the grand opening of The Bell Children’s Garden at the Green Bay Botanical Garden and it immediately moved to the top of every kid’s “favorite places to play” list. This massive 2.5-acre outdoor area has so many interactive elements and features that are designed to help children discover a love for the natural world.

The experience starts with the “Chromatic Passage” sculpture at the entrance. The colorful organic shape inspires feelings of walking through a tree trunk, mushrooms on a log, or ripples in a pond. Once you make your way through the passage, you’ll find winding pathways leading to the Lily Pad Splash Play area and the Wetland Deck and Stream terrace garden.

Childrens Garden

Beyond that are the tree houses and slides and the Mushroom Jumper Play area with oversized rubber fungi trampolines (so much fun!). You might think this is the end of the garden, but it just keeps on going! Behind the tree houses, you’ll find a path leading to the Hillside Tunnel and Cave. Kids can crawl through and discover the Council of Critters Amphitheater. Here, they are free to take the stage and put on a show for the critters – and their parents, of course!


We haven’t even touched on everything that The Bell Children’s Garden has to offer. There’s also a larger-than-life Cedar Waxwing sculpture, a maze, a koi pond, and so many opportunities to learn more about the trees, wildlife, and geological history of our area. You could spend hours here without anyone complaining that they’re bored, and isn’t that every parent’s goal?


The New Skate Park at Green Bay Action Sports Organization


The Green Bay Action Sports Organization (GBASO for short) has been a staple in the area since it opened in 2012. Unfortunately, the beloved skate park had to shut its doors in 2022 when they lost the lease for their building. Since no one wanted to see GBASO close for good, the community came together to fundraise and rebuild the park in a bigger and better space!

GBASO Skate Park

The new version of the GBASO skate park opens to the public on June 15 at noon. There will be fun events all day long, including a “Best Trick” contest, giveaways, and a ribbon-cutting ceremony at 4 pm. And if you can’t make it for opening day, that’s totally okay. You can visit their website to get more information on their open skate hours once they’re officially open!


In case this is your first time hearing about GBASO, here's what you need to know: they pride themselves on being an all-inclusive space where kids can go to practice their skateboarding, scootering, BMX, and in-line skating skills. At the same time, they’re getting an opportunity to foster their social, physical, and leadership skills. The owners of the skate park have worked hard to build a culture of education and mentorship, and it really shows. It’s just a positive place where kids of all ages can go and have some fun… and what could be better than that?


Are you heading to Green Bay with your kids this summer? In addition to these two new local attractions, we have lots of other ideas to make your time here “beyond legendary” for the entire family. Feel free to check out our Family Vacation Trip Ideas page here and of course, grab a copy of our latest Destination Guide here!