However you want to describe how you’re feeling during the Safer At Home order affecting millions of people, we know this is what's best for the health of everyone. That’s what makes this time even more difficult – we so badly we want to get back out into our community and welcome visitors to our destination.

So while we’re stuck in our homes, here’s what Green Bay tourism folks are daydreaming about when we can get back to playing, eating, exploring in our favorite places around town…

Green Bay's Outdoor Patios

Once this physical isolation is lifted and we can safely resume activities, I am looking forward to warmer days and gathering with friends around our outdoor patios. Whether that’s getting together for happy hour at Hagemeister Park or enjoying a meal with a view of the bay at The English Inn or enjoying a local craft beer and listening to live music in Badger State’s beer garden. Looking forward to enjoying our summer days and getting our lives back to normal. - Amanda, Marketing Manager

Discovering New Places

The thing I am most looking forward to doing in the Green Bay area once this physical isolation is lifted is getting to hang out and try different activities with family and friends.  On the weekends I try to go to places I have not been to yet or get family and friends acquainted with places I really like.  I look forward to trying Main Street Bourbon Room which I have yet to visit.  But I also, could do with trusted favorite of Skaliwags!  After this I could I also see myself getting together with a group to throw some axes at Green Bay Axe - Ben, Destination Sales Manager

Local Family Attractions

I am looking forward to visiting our local family attractions in Green Bay! We love getting out with our children and visiting the NEW Zoo, the National Railroad Museum and the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary. Especially with spring weather coming, it’s the perfect time to enjoy our beautiful area and I know my children are excited to get out and see our city again. - Denise, Sr. Destination Sales Manager

Gathering and Celebrating with Others

I celebrated my birthday in quarantine. Being the extrovert that I am, I usually enjoy celebrating with others. In the past, I’ve had parties at The Bottle Room, I’ve gotten my free drinks at Stadium View, Anduzzi’s & The Bar. My plans to celebrate at Chives this year were postponed. I knew this was going to be a different birthday. I still ordered takeout of one of my favorite meals, pizza & fries, from Ashwaubenon Bowling Alley. The one thing I noticed this year with celebrating while Safer At Home was that others knew it would be different and did their part to make it memorable.  I received gifts in the mail from people that don’t normally even mail a card. I got several phone calls from people that admitted they don’t normally call people on their birthday. My nephew in Franklin, WI celebrated his 5th birthday on the same day. Since we weren’t able to get together as a family and celebrate, we had a birthday celebration via Zoom.  The cake, presents and birthday song were all there – just each from the comforts and health of our own homes. I can't wait to celebrate with everyone in person. - Joel, Destination Sports Manager

Social Interaction

Some of my favorite springtime activities in Green Bay can still be done with the Safer at Home Order. Things like enjoying the power of nature, away from the crowds, watching a waterfall cascading over the cliff at Fonferek’s Glen or Wequiock Falls County Parks. Hiking the trails at the NEW Zoo & Reforestation Camp or Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary. Those activities brought a sense of calm and peace to my busy life.

But now, social distancing is a requirement of every man, woman and child throughout our very nation and world.

I never thought I would miss standing shoulder to shoulder with others waiting to get into a concert at the Resch Center. I never thought I would miss waiting for a table or a spot at the bar during a Friday night fish fry. Even the simple things like standing in line at a check out or crossing the “flow of traffic” at Bay Park Square Mall while shopping on a busy weekend. 

Bottom line, I miss social interaction.  I miss people going about their normal activities. An evening market at Titletown, dodging children and others out simply enjoying an evening at one of the best spots Green Bay has to offer. I look forward to  crowded Green Bay Packers training camps, I look forward to concerts at Heritage Hill, Fridays on the Fox, Wednesday night Farmers Market on Broadway. I look forward to places where people gather. - Laurie, Administrative Assistant

Green Bay's Summer Events

I just cleared my calendar of all the plans I had with friends and family, and realized I really miss being with people and doing things outside of my own home.  Day dreaming of nice sunny days to talk a walk over by Titletown District, Farmers Markets opening for the season and the start of outdoor concerts. The weather we wait for all year that gets us out and about with people.  I look forward to those annual summer events that only happen once the temperature rises.  From the Garden Fair to concerts at Heritage Hill anything that gets me outside to enjoy our summers. - Sally, Visitor Experiences Coordinator

Celebrating the End of Social Distancing

My very first day out of isolation will consist of teaching my 6:00am spin class at Western Racquet, then joining my amazing coworkers at the CVB office for a day of celebration (yes, I am on the social committee), after work a much needed happy hour at Fox Harbor, followed up with dinner at Angelina’s. In the meantime, I'll continue to take my dog Ollie for walks or go for runs outside every day. I continue to remain socially distant as do most of the people I walk/run past. I make a point to say hello, smile, or give a sign of peace to everyone I pass. Social distancing is really physical distancing, it doesn’t mean we can’t be social or kind. We owe that to each other. - Toni, Director of Partnerships & Community Engagement

Until we can all get back together to enjoy everything Green Bay has to offer, stay safe, stay healthy, and stay connected. Share on your favorite social media a picture of what you miss most playing around Green Bay using #LoveGB!