Winter is a great time to try something new. So why not head to Green Bay to sample one of these new and exciting cold-weather brews? Or, if you’d rather stick with the classics, go ahead and order one of the seasonal favorites that we look forward to year after year.


New & Exciting Beer Launches

Honeymoon Sugar Maple Mead from Stillmank Brewing Co. - Stillmank recently launched several small batch meads but for winter, we think the original Honeymoon Mead aged on Sugar Maple is a perfect choice. This mead is light-bodied and has subtle notes of maple syrup!

honeymoon stillmank


Crosstown Kölsch from Titletown + Gnarly Cedar Breweries - This collab between two amazing local breweries is exactly what you’re craving this winter (trust us). It’s fruity, light, crisp, and slightly hoppy – just like a good Kölsch should be!


Tiramisu Stout from Ahnapee Brewery - This nitro-infused pastry stout mingles the irresistible notes of sponge cake, espresso, and chocolate. It’s a dessert beer but the smooth, creamy carbonation balances the subtle sweetness. Try it while it’s still on tap at both locations!

tiramisu stout nitro ahnapee


La’Hef from Gnarly Cedar Brewery - This Hefeweizen is cofermented with grapes from LedgeStone Vineyards, Gnarly Cedar’s sister winery. It’s carbonated using the Charmat method to enhance the floral and fruit aromatics in the grapes, french hops, and hefeweizen yeast.


Unlimited Rizz from Cocoon Brewing Company - This new Hazy IPA from Cocoon Brewing is the epitome of bold and unexpected. It features Segal Ranch’s experimental Anchovy hops paired with notes of watermelon hard candy, subtle pine, and tropical fruits. 

unlimited rizz from cocoon brewing


Brown Ale from Station 1 Brewing Co. - Chilly days (and nights) call for a dark brew and the new American Brown Ale from Station 1 Brewing in Suamico certainly fits the bill. This ale is smooth and rich with notes of baked bread, toasted nuts, and a hint of caramel. 


Tried and True Winter Brews

These brews may not be new this year but if you haven’t tried them yet, they’re new to you! We’ve rounded up some of our favorite wintertime selections from local breweries so you know what to try next time you visit Green Bay!


SKI-BRW from Badger State Brewing Company - This Czeck-style dark lager is a local winter staple. It’s brewed with dark and sweet caramel malts and fermented dry for a crisp and refreshing finish. SKI-BRW is the perfect companion for your favorite winter activities!


Maple Bock from Hinterland - This beloved seasonal beer from Hinterland is brewed with 100% pure Wisconsin maple syrup and has a rich, malty flavor profile with hints of maple, toffee, and subtle smoke. It’s no wonder it won a gold medal at the World Beer Championships!

Maple Bock Hinterland


Cold Crop IPA from Copper State Brewing Co. - Calling all hop lovers! Cold IPA from Copper State is going to be your new winter favorite. This beer uses a lager yeast to ferment at cooler temperatures, allowing the crisp trio of Galaxy, Mosaic, and Amarillo hops to shine bright.


Dad Bod Oatmeal Stout from Zambaldi Beer - Winter temperatures call for a strong stout and we think Dad Bod from Zambaldi is a great choice to satisfy that craving. This beer boasts a combination of malted and flaked oats, which creates a silky smooth mouthfeel and rich flavor.

Dad Bod Oatmeal Zambaldi

Alpine Folly from Noble Roots Brewing Company - We have another Cold IPA brew to add to our list of winter favorites! Alpine Folly is inspired by Italian-style pilsners and features crisp tangerine and citrus notes from Mandarina Bavaria and Citra hops.

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