Green Bay, Wis – On Monday, February 28 the NFL announced the Green Bay Packers will play an international game in London, England.

The city of Green Bay consistently welcomes millions of visitors each year. A number of these visitors arrive from countries around the world.

Discover Green Bay, the official Destination Marketing Organization for the Greater Green Bay area, is making plans to maximize this international spotlight.

“This is an opportunity for the Green Bay community. An opportunity, through the Green Bay Packers, to shine a light on our area on an international scale,” said Brad Toll, CEO of Discover Green Bay. “It is unique and exciting because a city and destination of our size is typically not featured on an international stage of this magnitude.”

Two major travel markets in Europe, the United Kingdom and Germany, are in the top five origin markets for international travelers to the Green Bay area. Currently, Canada and Mexico hold the top two positions. Discover Green Bay expects that the Packers hosting a game in London will draw more attention from these markets and attract more international travelers.

Discover Green Bay and Travel Wisconsin currently partner with Great Lakes USA to boost international travel to the Great Lakes region.

“We will be working closely with our partners and the Packers to plan events in London and throughout Europe to showcase Green Bay, as not only a football destination, but as a destination for arts, culture, recreation, cuisine and more,” said Toll. “We’re in the planning phase of maximing this opportunity and will be working with our colleagues at the state tourism level to leverage our international partnerships.”

Due to international game designation, Green Bay will still host a total of eight regular season tilts at Lambeau Field during the 2022 season.