Summer Fun in Green Bay
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Take the scenic route and discover non-stop summer fun.

When the sun comes out and days get longer, there's plenty of fun to be had in Greater Green Bay during the summer months. Enjoy seasonal attractions such as Bay Beach Amusement Park and Heritage Hill State Park. Embark on an outdoor adventure by hitting the trails, parks and nature preserves. Relax on your favorite Green Bay patio for a bite or a drink while listening to live music. Peruse the plethora of farmers markets for fruits, vegetables and homemade goods. 


Green Bay Patio Life

Enjoy these outdoor patios while the sun is shining, your friends are waiting, and the food is cooking. 

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Top 5 Ways to Explore Green Bay this Summer

Whether you want to soak up the sun on warmer days, move freely or be with nature, taking the scenic route through Greater Green Bay will uncover miles of outdoor spaces for you to discover.

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Green Bay Mural Guide

Track down thought-provoking murals in Greater Green Bay by embarking on a mural tour of the region and discover colorful street art created by local artists.

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Green Bay’s Live Music Lineup

Your guide to Greater Green Bay's summer concerts so you don't miss a single beat!

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Affordable Family Activities

Top 5 budget-friendly things to do with the kids in Green Bay.

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Farmers Markets

Visitors are often looking to experience Greater Green Bay the way the locals do. During the Summer and Fall months, it's a no-brainer to send them to check out a farmers market. Here's your guide to a variety of area Farmers Markets.

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Adventure Awaits You in Greater Green Bay

If you live for adventure and exploration, Greater Green Bay has the best attractions to create fun experiences you’ll relive time and time again.

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