Maximize Your Free Time

It's WIGCOT in Green Bay! There's so much going on in the conference center, but you'll have some free time to explore. Make the most of your stay in Green Bay. We've selected some of our signature restaurants, attractions, and activities to you to maximize your free time. 

Walking Distance

At the KI Convention Center, we're right in the heart of downtown Green Bay. So park your car and leave it there. Hopefully, we'll enjoy some nice springtime weather making tons of restaurants and attractions walkable. Especially if you're looking for a bite and some fun on Monday after the conference. 

Explore more of the area

We're sure you want your fancy DMO-wrapped vehicle to be seen around town. Plus, there are so many wonderful dining, nightlife, and attractions in all of our region's municipalities. We promise - it's not that far. You can get anywhere in the Greater Green Bay area in 15 minutes.