As a community, there’s always going to be a few things we disagree on — but the one thing we will never butt heads on is our love for a good, down-home, well-made burger. As an American classic, it’s practically become an art form all its own. The fact of it is; us Tailgaters know how to work a hunk of beef to create a delectable burger, that's for sure! 


Bacon Burger CompanyBacon Burger Co. Hamburger

An exceptional customer service experience, matched with burgers made from a grind of chuck and bacon. How can you go wrong? You can’t. Located off Velp Avenue, Bacon Burger Company exceeded expectations with their meal presentation, customer service, and seriously good burgers. 

Our burger of choice was the Piglet with Cheese, add raw onion and bacon! Included a juicy burger, topped with fresh sizzled bacon, butter, fresh pickles, onions and cheese on a toasted bun. SO good - not too much grease, and the perfect amount of melty cheese and butter! 




Al's HamburgersHamburger and Fries

Speaking of down-home, it doesn't get much more locally grown than Al’s Hamburger. Originally opened in 1934, Al’s is your classic burger and shake shop in the heart of downtown Green Bay. Al’s has been featured in several publications and hosted Food Networks celebrity host Alton Brown, as well as Man VS. Food. 

So what did we try? The Tailgate Burger of course! Fresh cheese curds & jalapeño​s, topped with bratwurst, sautéed onions & German brown mustard. Served on a ciabatta bun. An iconic twist on our Green Bay roots. The Burger was like something we haven't tried before - unique in that it actually had a full brat sliced down the center, topped with onions and jalapeño​s adding a spicy aroma and taste! 



T. Bacons BBQ RestaurantT. Bacons BBQ Hamburger

T. Bacons BBQ never misses! Serving up authentic, smoked daily, BBQ brisket, pork, chicken, sausage, burgers, and several delectable side dishes. Open since 2016, T. Bacons has established itself as one of Green Bays' most popular, locally owned BBQ establishments located just a block from renounced Lambeau Field and South of the Stadium District. 

What was our burger of choice? The Defibrillator​ - 1/3# steak burger, pulled pork,  in-house smoked bacon and smoked provolone, served on a toasted pretzel roll. The minute the server set it down the aroma of the pulled pork and melty cheese made our tastebuds drool! We topped it with their homemade Smokey Bacon Sauce which made it a little messy, but ‘OH SO GOOD’ burger. Well worth use of the wet napkins provided at the table! 




White DogWhite Dog Hamburger

A cozy cafe located in the Downtown District boasting live music, great food, and art by local artists rotating weekly. White Dog is home to hand-pattied burgers and house-baked buns that provides a twist on classic pub food with an elevated sense of taste. 

The Smokey Dog immediately jumped off the page with its mix of onion crisps, bacon, cheese, and BBQ! Served on a homemade bun, the burger was rich and done to our liking while onion crisps added the perfect amount of crunch! 






Kroll's WestKroll's West Burger

An extremely well-known landmark in Green Bay boasts more than its name and celebrity guests, they have some pretty famous Butter Burgers too! Located in the shadows of Lambeau Field and Titletown, Kroll's West has been serving up classic Green Bay dishes for over 80 years! 

When we asked what the best burger to get was, their recommendation was tried and true; Double Krolls Butter Burger with lettuce, tomato, and pickle - classic. Upon the first bite, the butter added a delectable, juicy taste to your “classic” burger. Slowly but surely the bun began to shape to the burger creating a perfect amount of bun-burger-toppings ratio for every bite. 




With all the different burger joints to check out in Green Bay, this list compiles only a few. A girl can only try so many burgers in one day! We hope this made you hungry for our neighborhood diners and encourage you to dine local next time you’re in the city! Plan your next trip here.