Planning a bachelorette party is no easy feat. Luckily, between food, drinks, and lots of fun things to do, Green Bay’s Downtown District turned out to be the perfect destination for our weekend getaway. Here’s how we celebrated the bride-to-be!



Saturday afternoon, our group checked into the grand, 4-Diamond, Hotel Northland. Located right in the heart of Downtown Green Bay, it was the perfect location for the adventures ahead of us, and the check-in process was seamless! 

Initially, we were concerned with the parking as we had to bring up all kinds of decorations and food. But the hotel staff was incredibly accommodating and let us park out front while we unloaded, then they showed us where to park, and informed us that the third level of the parking garage was attached directly to the 2nd level of the hotel — how perfect! 

Walking through the hotel’s hallways felt like traveling back in time. While completely updated, there were all kinds of artifacts and old photos hanging on the walls that showed the original hotel. It gave us a new appreciation for the past and it made us curious about the guests who walked the halls before us, dating all the way back to 1924. (read more history here)

We settled into our stunning hotel room, which came with a gorgeous view and top-of-the-line linens (both of which are very important to me). The room was the perfect gathering spot for our group to pop some champagne and snack on hors d’oeuvres before heading out on the town.


Hotel Northland Collage


Afternoon Events

From the hotel we hopped into our limo and went to Keggers, the “host” for our first adventure of the day — The Foxy Pedaler. If you’re unfamiliar, The Foxy Pedaler is a 14-person pedal-powered party bike that takes riders through a tour of the Broadway District and more specifically, the bars. 

You can choose 3 stops, and our group went with Richard Craniums, Rum Runners, and Cropsey's! You have about 15 minutes inside each bar to take photos and grab a quick drink, then it’s time to get back on the bike and head to the next stop! The tour makes for an exciting, fast-paced adventure through town. 

As an added perk, the bike is equipped with Bluetooth surround sound and a hilarious driver. See my photos for proof of our shenanigans!

Foxy Pedaler


What’s for Dinner? 

Our bride loves sushi and fortunately, Green Bay has a fantastic option for sushi-lovers: Koko’s Sushi! A few of our table’s favorite rolls included the Godzilla, Big Daddy Tex, and the Bomb.

One of the most iconic things about Koko’s is that they have a life-sized “tree of life” in their dining area, crafted by local artist Miles Amorelli. His inspiration came from the birch trees in New York City's famous Nobu restaurant. The sculpture consists of recycled metal and leaves of plexiglass and it makes the perfect post-dinner photo op.


The Nightcap

After dinner, we hopped back into the limo and kicked off the final leg of our bachelorette party! We wanted to spend a few hours out on the town, and we stopped at some really fun places like Stadium View, The Sardine Can, and Black Saddle.

After lots of laughing, dancing, and a few more drinks, we walked back to the hotel (as I mentioned, it's in the center of the Downtown District) to have a few late-night snacks before heading off to bed. 


Night Cap in Green Bay


Sunday Morning

What better way to close out a successful bachelorette party than a delicious Sunday Brunch? Our restaurant of choice was tried and true. Yep, we chose The Creamery, which is a favorite downtown brunch spot. All of the dishes, drinks, and coffee served at The Creamery are as fresh and as locally sourced as possible! And, it’s located right on the CityDeck, so you can enjoy the views while you sip your massive Bloody Marys (seriously, make sure you try one — they’re pretty legendary).


The Creamery


10/10 Recommend

When we set out to plan the bachelorette party, we really wanted to find a spot that was walkable and had great nightlife. We chose to use a limo to take us to dinner as the restaurant the bride requested was in the Stadium District. But, there are tons of walkable restaurants near Hotel Northland and the Downtown/Broadway District if we had chosen to forgo the limo option! A few local favorites: The Walnut Room, Republic Chophouse, Chefusion, Angelina Italian Restaurant, and SO much more!

If you’re ready to plan your own bachelorette party in the Green Bay area, start here!