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Fall Colors in Greater Green Bay

A picture of Green Bay must be painted with more than just your green and gold palettes—especially this time of year when our autumn scenery offers breathtaking arrays of reds, oranges, yellows and browns. Here are some of my favorite spots to take in the fall colors of Greater Green Bay.

Green Isle Park

The symmetry, yet contrast in color, standing at the mouth of the East Trail Bridge in Green Isle Park as the sun peaks through the colorful trees is one of the most unique views in the city. Timing this early season sight just right as one tree changes while the other anticipates its seasonal transformation is well worth the patience for a view and photograph like this. 
(Photo Credit: Annette Grunseth)

Lambeau Field

Nothing symbolizes fall in Green Bay more than football. Adding to that feeling in the air even more is nature’s beauty surrounding the stadium. What better backdrop for the changing of the leaves than the holy grounds of Lambeau Field.

Green Bay Botanical Garden

This may be an obvious one, but when talking about fall colors in Greater Green Bay, it would also be even more of an obvious oversight not to include the Green Bay Botanical Gardens. Walking through the trails here, you are totally consumed in a vast array of autumnal colors. 
(Photo Credit: Kathleen Caylor Photography)

Thornberry Creek at Oneida

While just staring at trees, no matter how beautiful, is not just an enjoyable activity for some people, playing a round of golf through a sea of colors may allow them to appreciate the majestic views of fall. Thornberry Creek is pictured here, however, see our Golf Green Bay Blog for other courses that will be just as colorful in September and October.

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