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Cozy Restaurant Fireplaces

Winter is a time for warming up around a fireplace. These Greater Green Bay cozy restaurant fireplaces will warm you right up while you enjoy some great food!

KoKo Sushi Bar & Lounge

Just because your sushi is served cold and raw (and delicious!) doesn't mean you have to also freeze while eating. KoKos takes care of you and your ambiance with a warming fireplace nicely mounted on the wall of their dining room. Order some rolls, share with your friends while basking in warmth of the fireplace. I have it on good authority that a pour of hot saké can also warm you from the inside out! 

Plae Bistro

Grab a seasonal cocktail before cozying around this modern, chic lounge fireplace at Plae Bistro. After warming around the fire, head to your table for some ultimate comfort food - gourmet style.The Gourmet Mac and Cheese prepared with domestic and imported cheese will warm your soul, please your palette, and fill your belly. 

Hinterland Brewery & Restaurant

This wood-burning fire place has that "sit next to me with a big hunk o' meat on your plate" feeling. May I suggest ordering the Wood-Fire Grilled Pork Porterhouse as you bask in the heat of this huge fire place.

 Grazies Italian Grill

A piping hot bowl of spaghetti will warm your insides. Grab a seat around the fireplace and you'll be warm from head to toe and inside out.

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