Experience Green Bay logoThe primary focus of Experience Greater Green Bay is to support educational efforts that further tourism and the tourism industries around Greater Green Bay. The organization will conduct research and disseminate data regarding economic and resource development within Greater Green Bay and Brown County.

The organization is also working to develop, purchase, own, maintain and lease to appropriate organizations suitable facilities for the purpose of providing information to the residents of and visitors to Greater Green Bay and Brown County regarding the diverse cultural, educational, scientific, civic and athletic benefits of living and working in Greater Green Bay.  These facilities are for use as a venue to support other activities or programming consistent with the Foundation’s purpose.

Experience Greater Green Bay provides resource support to local public schools, universities and colleges to develop future tourism and hospitality industry workforce through education and training.

Experience Greater Green Bay also supports events hosted by the local municipalities and the Greater Green Bay Convention and Visitors Bureau that promote and encourage economic development within the Greater Green Bay area.

Learn more about about the official Greater Green Bay Convention & Visitors Bureau.